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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

What's on the menu?

Which restaurants will we visit?

Cocotte will make sure that you discover different iconic places in the area during your tastings. Depending on your food tour, you will visit restaurants, pastry shops, bars, cheese shops, ice cream shops and other unusual places.

Will we ever get hungry during your Food Tour?

The routes set up allow you to taste between four to six culinary specialties. This choice is made to make you experience a variety of recipes and to make sure that you are satisfied at the end of your tour.

What will we eat during the course? 

We prefer to keep it a surprise so that you discover the local specialties! But some clues: Depending on your Food Tour, you will be able to taste drinks, appetizers, pastries, cheeses... 

Will we meet local people? 

Yes, the partners we work with are also selected for their kindness and their sense of sharing. They share their good tips and their stories with the participants of the Cocotte tours. 

Plan your Food Tour

When to plan your Food Tour?

Plan your Food Tour throughout the year to discover emblematic places of the local culture. 

How to book your Food Tour?

First, choose the Food Tour you like best, then select a time slot. Follow the steps to complete your reservation on our secure website. Remember to book your Food Tour early to ensure you get to participate in your favorite. 

Are pets allowed? 

Pets are allowed on the tour and outside of partner establishments for sanitary reasons.

Is the tour accessible to people with limited mobility and strollers? 

Disabled persons and participants with strollers are welcome. By notifying us at the time of your reservation, our partners are notified to ensure that suitable spaces are available. 

How long does a tour last? 

A Food Tour lasts on average 2 hours, but the duration varies according to your means of travel (bike, car, motorcycle...). Allow 20 minutes for each tasting and 20 minutes for each cultural step. 

In what language is the tour given? 

The Cocotte tours and anecdotes are currently offered in French. Please be patient for the English tours!

How do I get to the starting point? 

From the introduction page of your Food Tour, you have access to a map to locate the departure point. Once booked, you will receive an email with all the necessary information. 

I have booked, but I did not receive an email 

First, check your spam. If you haven't received anything yet, please wait 24 hours. If the problem persists, send us a message at hello[@]cocottefoodtour.com 

I have booked, now what?

You can read all the information for your Food Tour in the last email that was sent to you: purchase price, departure time, departure place and our practical guide to discover the details of your journey.

The day before your Food Tour, you will receive a second email with the QR code to be scanned by our partners to get a tasting. 

During the Food Tour

How many people are accepted per tour? 

30 participants per day are accepted. This allows us to guarantee you a pleasant and friendly Food Tour. The departure time is given as an indication, so you will not meet all the participants of the day. 

Will we walk a lot? 

The walking time will differ depending on the route. You will walk about an hour for a city tour. Be sure to read the Food Tour description for more information.

Are there restrooms? 

Restrooms are available at some of our partner locations. 

Does the tour end where it began? 

Depending on the Food Tour, the start and finish locations may be different. Please check your confirmation email for directions and transportation to the location. 

Prices and Reservations

Can I cancel or change my reservation? 

You can change the date of your reservation up to 48 hours before your Food Tour starts by notifying us via our address: hello[@]cocottefoodtour.com 

What is the minimum age to reserve a place for children? 

Children under 5 years old can participate free of charge, as long as they do not participate in the tastings. 

Do you offer discounts for children and teenagers? 

Discounts are available for children aged 5 to 12: 19€ instead of 39€ for an adult. 

I am not participating in the tastings, do I have to reserve my place? 

Only people participating in the tastings must reserve their spot. If you are not taking part in the incredible culinary stops, but you wish to join your friends and family, you do not need to reserve. 

When do the tours take place? 

The tours are held throughout the year. Don't wait until summer to enjoy the most beautiful trails in France!

The Food Tour is sold out. Do you have a waiting list?

Cocotte does not have a waiting list, but you can check for last minute reservations. Go to your favorite Food Tour page to find out what slots are available. 

Can I book a private tour?

Individuals or companies, you can now book your private Cocotte tour on one of our tours. With friends, family or colleagues, Cocotte allows you to spend a convivial moment!


Is the Food Tour suitable for children? 

Cocotte food tours are accessible to all ages. Children under 18 years old will not be able to participate in the suggested alcohol tastings. 

Do you offer any solutions for those following a vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free diet? 

At this time, Cocotte does not offer courses for those with special diets or food allergies. Do you need information about the tastings before booking? Contact us: hello@cocottefoodtour.com

What if I don't drink alcohol? 

Let us know as soon as you make your reservation so that we can notify our partners. If you inform us more than 48 hours in advance, we will offer you adapted tastings