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Our Food tours : Paris

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Our Food Tours in Paris and its region

How about discovering the Ile-de-France region and French cuisine this weekend? Go to Paris, Versailles or Fontainebleau... Take a moment for yourself, to slow down the pace... Come on, we'll take you for a gourmet walk, a tour in the Ile-de-France region.

Tell me Cocotte, what is a Food Tour?

Refined and inventive cuisine, seasonal and quality products... No doubt, you are in the capital! Fill up on flavors and discover the Ile de France on a Food Tour. 

"What about discovering unusual places in Île-de-France? 

Want to live an unforgettable experience? We've cooked up something for you... A new kind of excursion: the Food Trip. And maybe this experience is just around the corner from you! Whether you are young or old, with family or friends, go on a food trip! A journey where nature, culture, stories, and local anecdotes are intertwined. Not to mention (what makes our Food Tours so special) sweet and savory tastings! 

Food Tour in Ile-de-France: how does it work? 

You just have to download our app to listen to the audios that guide you (and discover!) in the different steps of your Food Tour of Île-de-France. Don't worry, you can manage the pace of your journey yourself. 3, 2 1.... Let's go and explore the Food Tours in Île-de-France that Cocotte has put together for you!

Why visit the Ile-de-France with a Food Tour?

Between pastries, cheeses and emblematic dishes, there are plenty of great food tours in Île-de-France. Because yes, even if you didn't know it, the Parisian terroir is real! Chouquettes, Paris-Brest or Saint-Honoré, you will taste a very refined and tasty cuisine, enough to delight the taste buds of all gourmets... Who has never heard of blanquette or tarte tatin? France is already famous for its desserts and pastries, but even more so in Paris! On the savory side, there is of course a cheese that we have all come across on a cheese board: Brie. From Meaux, Melun or Provins, Brie cheese takes its origin from its region. Let your greed take over and succumb to these fresh products, you have the right to treat yourself from time to time... 

Ile-de-France and its must-sees

With our Food Tours in Ile-de-France, we don't just want you to discover French gastronomy... We offer you a real experience! When we talk about Ile-de-France, the first thing we think of is of course the capital, Paris, symbol of great cuisine. But the region has so much to offer! Would you like to step back in time and visit the French castles? Versailles, Fontainebleau or Vaux-le-Vicomte will satisfy your thirst for history. But don't forget, what makes the salt of our Food Tours is above all the culinary discoveries! Throughout your trip in Ile-de-France, typical restaurants, offering local products and traditional cuisine, and Parisian brasseries, with their warm atmosphere and regional cuisine, will open their doors to you. And for those who want to stretch their legs after tasting local products, take the time to walk along the 11 walking paths that cross Paris: the Randopolitain.