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Our Food tours : North

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Our Food Tours in the North and Pas-de-Calais

How about a road trip in the Hauts-de-France? To discover the city of Lille or the Côte d'Opale? If so, we've got just the right thing for you... Discover all the Food Tours of the region! Let's meet in the capital of Flandres, the Food Tour of Lille, on the seaside with the Food Tour of the Opal Coast, in the heart of the North with the Food Tour of Flandres or in Nord Pas-de-Calais with the Food Tour of Saint Omer. There are plenty of things to do in our beautiful region of Hauts-de-France, aren't there? 

What do we mean by Food Tour? 

"How about going out this weekend?" 

The weekend is often the perfect time to try a new kind of excursion... And we have just the thing for you: an unusual outing! On the program: a gourmet walk where you will discover history, culture, local anecdotes, nature... and without forgetting (what makes the best of our Food Tours) sweet and savory tastings! So don't wait any longer, go and discover the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, with your family or friends. 

How does it work? 

Start by downloading our app. Then, listen to the audios of the Food Tour you have chosen. All along your journey, the audios guide you and even learn more! And there's no need to rush, take as much time as you want: you are the master of your journey. To discover the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, here are some examples of Food Tours:

Why visit the North and the Pas-de-Calais with Food Tours?

Let's start with a simple reason: the warm and friendly welcome of the Ch'tis! The Hauts-de-France region has a reputation for welcoming its visitors! The Nord and the Pas-de-Calais are also famous for their regional products and local specialties. Maroilles and fricadelle are two of them. And with a Food Tour, you can combine tasting and cultural discoveries! Enjoy a gourmet walk to discover the region in a good mood!

The North and the Pas-de-Calais in Food Tour: the must-sees!

Don't imagine doing a Food Tour in the North without passing through Lille! All along your tour, you will discover emblematic and typical places of the capital of the Flandres. And above all, you will be able to taste the local specialities, such as the welsh or the Flemish carbonnade! If you decide to leave the capital for a little more greenery, we give you an appointment in Flandres. After discovering Lille, nothing is more logical than to get lost and venture into the countryside of the North. A gourmet tour awaits you to discover estaminets and ice cream parlors. And for the seaside lovers, head to the Côte d'Opale, an essential place in the region. Need something more unusual? Go to the marshes of Saint-Omer for an exceptional food tour! If you are looking for a change of scenery, you are in the right place!