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Our Food tours : French Riviera

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Our Food Tours in Provence and French Riviera

Need a weekend on the French Riviera? Or simply to rediscover your beautiful region of Provence? Take a break... and discover our 2 Foods Tours Côte d'Azur! Want to go on a boat trip? Go for our Food Tour Cannes. Are you a fan of the Mediterranean cuisine? Enjoy socca and pissaladière with the Food Tour of Nice! Come on, we take you on a tour of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region.

Food Tour Côte d’Azur? What it is?

Take time to organize a stay in Provence... Enjoy the Mediterranean climate, the seaside and the typical villages. And discover at the same time the local specialities of the region!

"What are we going to do this weekend in Provence? It's always the same question...

Need an idea? Do you want an unusual excursion in the heart of the French Riviera? We have a new kind of excursion for you. Don't worry: this mystery activity will delight young and old, family and friends. Suspense... What if we took you on a gourmet walk, a journey made of nature, culture, stories and local anecdotes? Without forgetting (what makes the salt of our Food Tours) sweet and salty tastings! 

How does it work? 

You download our app to listen to the audio guides that will take you through the different stops of your Food Trip in Provence. You stay in control of your journey, so take your time. Come on, let's discover the 2 Food Tours that we have created for you on the French Riviera!

The French Riviera and its must-sees

Take a break for a weekend on the French Riviera (or more if you like!) between land and sea. You won't be bored! Between hiking on the trails, diving in the turquoise waters, water sports and visiting monuments, don't forget your appointment with its gastronomy: taste the aioli, the beef stew and the fish soup called La Bourride. Along the Provencal coastline, visit cultural places such as the gardens of Menton and its tropical plants, the Palace of Monaco, the Picasso Museum in Antibes and take a pose in front of the police station in Saint Tropez!

Gourmet walk in the heart of Provence?

Provence is not limited to the French Riviera, it has so many treasures to share with you! It's a good thing that you can discover the jewels of Provence during a gustatory stroll. Discover the hills dear to Marcel Pagnol that connect the sea to the mountains of the Alps. Admire the colorful landscapes, made of vineyards hillsides, which charmed Cézanne. Breathe in the sweet scent of lavender. Listen to the song of the cicadas and the accent of the locals, who love to meet around a generous table. It's time to taste the Provencal cuisine, rich in olive oil, truffles, and mushrooms... and not only during the summer! Provence is just as delicious in the winter, at the end of the year when the great Christmas dinner and its 13 Provencal desserts are served. As part of your food tour in Provence, go for a digestive walk to admire the traditional Santons in their Christmas cribs. Provence is all year long, and you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.